LS colors

crashtest ulist at
Sat Jun 25 20:53:08 UTC 2005

Matthew S-H Wrote: 
> On a mac, I can use the "LSCOLORS" environment variable to change the  

> colors ls will use.

> Is there any equivalent for the FSF version of ls?


> ~Matt



You can do 'man ls' and 'man dircolors'.  Also 'info coreutils ls' and
'info coreutils dircolors' should show more information.

In general, dircolors is used to set the LS_COLORS environment variable
which is used by ls --color.  If you have just done an Ubuntu install,
you'll probably find that ls is aliased to 'ls --color=auto' in your
.bashrc.  dircolors can be used to specify what colors are used.  Sorry
- I can't remember any more - it's been a long time since I messed
around with this.  I hope this will at least set you on the right


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