System Restore

Martin J Hooper martinjh at
Sat Jun 25 18:52:01 UTC 2005

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> I propose separating the base system and the site-specific modifications 
> into two separate regions.  The base OS plus any changes to the base 
> (security, bug fixes etc.) go into the base region.  Any site-specific 
> changes such as applications or configuration changes go into the 
> site-specific region. The two regions are merged dynamically (unionfs?) 
> such that anything in the site-specific region is dominant and 
> supersedes anything in the base region. making changes to files or 
> directories should be automatically placed in the site-specific region.

I was just thinking about partitioning being something along these lines.

I have a root and a home partition - Wouldn't it be easier as well to 
have a small etc partition too.  Then if you needed to reinstall the OS 
you would just tell the installer to mount without formatting.

Or would that not work??

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