System Restore

janrinok ulist at
Sat Jun 25 14:55:44 UTC 2005

I may be missing the point here - but if I am then someone will quickly
point it out I'm sure.!  The original post raised a valid question -
how to restore to a previously working system.  There is IMHO no point
in backing up all of the system software - the latest versions are
always available online, and you have a full working version from your
original disk (I assume!).  However, what is required is a copy of the
'home' directories and the 'etc' directory.  All the rest seems to be
updated when the recovery takes place.  There _are_ GUI interfaces for
this, of sorts.  For example, in kubuntu, simply right click on the
appropriate directory and select Compress/Add to Archive.  Burn the
resulting tar.gz (or whatever compression you prefer) to a CD and you
have your permanent snapshot of the appropriate directory.  To restore,
do it all from the original disks and/or online, and then restore the
contents of the your CD back to the original locations.  This seems to
meet what was required.  After all, if you have just installed package
'x' and it screws your system up, uninstall it again.  But I'm just a
simple guy, and this works for me.  Jan


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