System Restore

Robert Valk roberre at
Sat Jun 25 08:20:59 UTC 2005

I think this is a really fantastic idea, and I'd love to get involved  
or start something up. Learning Python at the moment (that's the  
Ubuntu 'lingua franca' yes?).

I've been thinking a lot about an Ubuntu 'system restore' - what  
would need to be saved and in what form.
I think the big saving grace is that people who need such a feature -  
ma, pa and co., are not the people who would go messing manually with  
config files and such. Conversely, people who do write their own X11  
config by hand are savvy enough to make their own backups. I reckon  
the best approach is the apt 'undo' layer someone suggested - being  
able to roll back changes made with the debian packaging framework.  
apt does so much of the hard work, it just needs that user-friendly  
ubuntu-isation on the top.


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