quasar accounting on ubuntu??

Matchless ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sat Jun 25 07:52:13 UTC 2005


You are doing wonderfull work and I have a
feeling that you will most probably be the one to solve this problem!
Just for your info, it may not be related, but  i did a complete
uninstall and cleaned up my folders and files related to quasar and
firebird as far as I could. Then doing a reinstall item by item
everything went smoothly untill I landed up doing the Quasar setup.
Here I had to change a few paths, but also this time I wanted to use a,
better and easier to remember, set of passwords and found the following.
The install password of masterkey was changed to my ubuntu root password
automatically when I installed Firebird and was asked for the SYSDBA
pasword at the end of installation. I then found that I could not enter
another non dba password or username. When trying my non dba password
and username entered on an earlier install the setup worked and  the
test button was happy. This bothered me so I used gsec to try and enter
a new password and it would not take it and says something about a
double entry. With my limited knowledge it seems as if there was still
some security record left behind after the install that was not cleaned
out and picked up in the new installation. Maybe this is part of why we
are being locked out when trying to log into a new company created.

I really appreciate your efforts



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