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Mustafa Abbasi lordverminard at
Sat Jun 25 03:29:56 UTC 2005

i was wondering i am kind of new to linux. 
how do you do a system restore in linux.
i used to use norton ghost in windows but that won't work in linux

On 6/25/05, Todd Deshane <deshantm at> wrote:
> I think this is a good debate in general and I just
> thought I will put in my experiences and thoughts.
> I have had to re-install or system restore Windows on friends 
> and families computers so many times that often I wish they
> were using Linux so that process wouldn't be so painful and
> annoying. 
> I have been using Linux myself for a couple years and won't
> go back to Windows, but what I really like about Linux now
> is that everything works so much quicker and mostly out of the
> box and I don't have to configure absolutely everything to get
> it to work right.
> I don't think that Linux is too far from being able to be used
> by the masses and this may be a small part of what Ubuntu
> is all about "humanity to others". 
> The nice thing about Linux that will never change is that there
> can be versions of it that are meant for everyone and versions
> that are meant for people who are technical and really know
> what they are doing and know how to be efficient with the
> command line etc...
> The last point is that ideas should not be discouraged so much
> if someone wants system restore and someone else is willing
> to write it, all the more power to them. You don't have to install
> it if you don't want to.
> Have a great weekend
> Todd
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