Marillat -> Hoary Extras? + Cyberlink + Ettiquette

Brian Puccio brian at
Fri Jun 24 09:56:38 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 01:10 -0400, Todd Deshane wrote:

>         Aamir and others:
>         The custom on Linux newsgroups requires bottom posting. That
>         means, when
>         we answer a post, we put our answer at the bottom. 
>         This may seem counter intuitive, but it's really the best way
>         to follow
>         threads. It's also the custom and so we respect it.
>         It's like driving on the correct side of the road.
> Thanks! I have been doing that all wrong... it is slightly counter
> intuitive
> but I can get used to it if thats they way its done... Is there a way
> to "train"
> gmail to put me at the bottom of the posts i wonder...
> Regards,
> Todd

I don't use gmail myself, but I'm sure someone has or would be willing
to put together a greasemonkey script.  I know a lot of mail clients
have this as an option.
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