Mac OS X v. Linux (Was: Re: Ubuntu Boot Up Logo)

Magnus Therning magnus at
Fri Jun 24 07:31:47 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 09:36:50AM +0700, Custom wrote:
>Jacob Walch wrote:
>>One disadvantage of Linux is something that really has nothing to do
>>with Linux per se: that it is not installed on most computers when you
>>buy them.  
>Over a year ago I bought a HP/Compaq laptop that hat Linux
>pre-installed. (Mandrake). Just yesterday I chucked that off and
>installed Ubuntu even though that means the modem no longer works..
>Actually I wonder if I could have used the driver from the Mandrake 
>installation.. I legally own it as it came pre-installed with the computer?

You probably should read the license for the software. I don't think it
would be unreasonable to assume you are allowed to use the driver on any
Linux installation you choose to put on that computer.


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