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Magnus Therning magnus at
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On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 02:23:06PM -0400, UbuWu wrote:
>Magnus Therning Wrote: 
>> The packaging system in Debian (and therefore Ubuntu and other
>> Debian-based distros) is amazingly good compared to what you find in
>> the most popular commercial OSs. Having to manually uninstall a
>> program just to upgrade to a newer version is ridiculous I think, and
>> still that is how Windows seems to expect users to behave. It's
>> simply silly that software packaging isn't provided by the OS,
>> instead it's up to each and every software package to provide its own
>> crappy solution.
>Mmm there are no upgrades to newer versions of software in Ubuntu...
>only the security updates. By default you only get new versions of
>software with a new release of the OS. It would be nice if you could
>choose to install a newer version of a program...

You are free to do so of course, but then you're at the mercy of the
developer team, which invariably means some incompatibilities with

You have one other option, use the backports project:

If you're missing something in it I'm sure they'll be happy to accept
Breezy packages backported to Hoary...

With the frequent releases that Ubuntu has I don't see this as a big
problem. Frequent releases of a stable (as stable as SW ever gets at
least) distribution far outweighs my need for being on the bleeding
edge. For the daring there's always Breezy...


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