OpenAFS on Ubuntu

Henk Postma henkpm at
Fri Jun 24 04:08:08 UTC 2005

Dear all, 

I've been trying to get openafs running on ubuntu hoary and have not
succeeded. Even though openafs modules source is in universe,
compiling it does not work. because the kernel (for security reasons)
does not export the sys_call_table, amongst others. A little (actually
... a lot) of searching and browsing later, I realize there are quite
a few problem with OpenAFS and kernel 2.6, see

Now it appears that it has been fixed ... sort of, in a slightly newer
version of openafs then we have in universe. It requires kernel and
openafs patches.

My question for the developers: can we expect an openafs version for
breezy that will work?

Overall, I'm extremely happy with Ubuntu, keep up the good work! 

kind regards, Henk Postma


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