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Please ignore my sleep deprived rambling.


A soon to be ingesting coffee and beginning another early shift, Daniel.

*Sorry for the confusion, in my state I forgot that I had actually done
this separately*

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> I'm a bit stumped on this. I'm still running 2.6.10-5-386 on Hoary
> I do a dist-upgrade from time to time and never manage to pick up a
> kernel. I have all the Ubuntu repo's active in my source.list. Any
> what I could be missing to keep me from getting either 2.6.11 or

I am pretty sure that 2.6.11 isnt listed as a replacement for 2.6.10. 
Instead 2.6.10-1 and then 2.6.10-2 and so on are.  If you want the
other version, you have to explicitly get it.

I could be wrong though.  Also I tried getting 2.6.11 last night and
it broke nvidia and there doesnt seem to be a nvidia-kernel package
for 2.6.11 though I could have missed it.

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