Mac OS X v. Linux (Was: Re: Ubuntu Boot Up Logo)

Michael Beattie mtbeedee at
Thu Jun 23 19:49:10 UTC 2005

> OTHER THAN THAT, I found my Mac experience was pretty gosh darn awful,
> but that is because a) I'm used to free software (and even with fink and
> other Linux - on- mac software, it was kludgy at best in my humble
> opinion), b) I had awful trouble saving text files as PLAIN text in
> several different editors when I did PHP editing. And c) I guess I just
> like Linux better, and ubuntu linux in particular.

Well, that's mostly your inexperience with it, no?  You could use
textedit and change one option to save as text, or subethaedit and it
saves text by default I believe.  Or open a terminal and use vi or
emacs or pico or whatever...

It's a different system, there are different apps to do things and it
takes time to find the right ones.

Though I certainly understand just liking linux better.

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