Automatic Login and Ubuntu

Colin McDermott colmcd at
Thu Jun 23 11:46:57 UTC 2005

My fellow Ubuntuers.

I am in much distress. I have done a server installation of Ubuntu and I 
have set up ICEWM with a login manager (I have WDM, GDM and XDM on my 
system. KDM unconfigured).

I want to set up my box so that it automatically Logs in to the system 
on Startup and launches ICEWM. I realize that this leaves some security 
issues open, but the machine needs to be as easy to use as possible. I 
know that you can just add a launching script to /etc/init.d but I have 
not been able to get it to Login.

Also I cannot get ICEWM to call sudo and shutdown the machine. I have 
modified my sudoers file and it still doesn't work. I can get a text 
script with the line "sudo halt" to switch the machine off.

Any help at all of any sort is appreciated.

Colin McDermott
Reboot Computer Reuse centre
Ubuntu Lite

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