Ubuntu Boot Up Logo

Custom custom at freenet.de
Thu Jun 23 10:23:27 UTC 2005

Ante wrote:

> Why does it have to be image? Cause Windows have image? I don't see
> MacOSX having image... Why shouldn't we use Linux way?

Okay, I agree that having an image just because Windows has one is not a 
good reason.

Ubuntu can definitely be different.

But if it's different, I'd still like it to be friendly, 
helpful/informative when needed and aesthetically pleasing.  Ubuntu's 
slogan even says "Linux for human beings".  Currently the booting looks 
pleasing perhaps if you're Arnie The Terminator. :-)

(While we're at it, these days people prefer 'starting' over 'booting', 
and 'restart' over 'reboot'.   Not many people would no wat 'booting' 
refers to anyway.)

So.. different, sure..!  A 3D rendered sand-storm with impressive 
savanna ambient sound effects would be nice, ultimately revealing an 
Ubuntu logo / oasis where one can login.  Or, make it an animated 
pyramid construction, with each system that gets started being a 
building block being put into place. Users may zoom in to examine the 
blocks, any block that fails to start properly will be shown visually 
distinctive, closer examination will product an error message, spoken 
words of course, common language and and informative.

So there, that's different. :)  (But failing that, I'll settle for a 16 
color VGA image. :)


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