Fluxbox-Documentation & Website

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 23 06:55:33 UTC 2005

For those interested in Fluxbox, there are useful docs at:


These can be downloaded in several formats including html and pdf.

The main site is:


where you can always find source code for the latest version (currently 0.9.13). The so-called "Stable" version is ancient: don't bother trying it - the new "devel" versions are far better, including transparent menus etc and many features absent fromt the old version.
There is a link to a Debian .deb, but it may suffer from the same "slow" problems discussed re: the Ubuntu version, so I suggest compiling, until we have a fixed version.

The docs are good, and quite readable. They include information on features you might not otherwise find, such as how to set up custom keybindings for just about anything you like.

I recommend any Fluxbox user to read / download the docs- your Fluxbox use will be much more enjoyable and productive.


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