Remastering a Live-CD on ia64

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Thu Jun 23 06:37:51 UTC 2005

Hi there!!

I'm going to remaster ubuntu Live-CD for ia64.
but, while I made a Live-CD for ia 64, some problems came out.
I'll describe what I'm done and some errors.

I downloaded a hoary-live-ia64.iso( from website and burn it.
I booted from the Live-CD and used "cloop-utils_2.01.5-4_ia64.deb(" package to extract and compress a "filesystem.cloop".
Then I uncompressed the "filesystem.cloop" file using extract_compressed_fs.
Finally I customized the uncompressed files.

Then I tried to compress the uncompressed files using "create_compressed_fs" command.
But an error ocurred.
See the below for the error message.
create_compress(8093): unaligned access to 0x60000fffffffb744, ip=0x2000000000053521
*** Error -5 compressing block 0! (compressed=0x60000fffffffb6c0, len=6917546619827107616, uncompressed=0x600000000000c010, blocksize=65536)
Segmentation fault
I think this error comes because of "cloop-utils" package.
Do you have any exeprience like that?

Could you tell me what's wrong with me? What should I do to remaster a Live_CD on ia64?

If you need more details, let me know. I'll send you what I've done in details.

Thank you.
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