Slow fluxbox - GDM Session entry

Aamir Maori aamir at
Wed Jun 22 20:20:49 UTC 2005

>> Actually I have a few other entries in the .xsession file, but the
>> above will make themes etc look OK for gtk2/gnome apps, and run
>> fluxbox...
>   Again, the perfect answer! One more question or maybe I can get this
> info from the net somewhere....Why cannot I resize apps like I can in
> Gnome? Seems Fluxbox doesn't provide for grabbing the sides/tops and
> dragging the app bigger or smaller...or am I missing something?
> Thanks again
> --
> Cheers
> Frank
 I think you are missing something, fluxbox allows you to resize windows
like other environments, mouse over the corner of a window and it should
change the cursor, if not click the edge of the window and see if you
can't accomplish it.

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