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Michael P. Soulier msoulier at digitaltorque.ca
Wed Jun 22 17:18:07 UTC 2005

On 22/06/05 tristan said:

> In my opinion it's just a question of "polish". The rest of a default
> ubuntu install looks very tidy, but the boot process, while obviously
> informative, looks exactly like the kind of hacker mumbo jumbo which
> scares new users off. It detracts from the "fit and feel" of the rest
> of  the system. Nearly every other modern distro has a graphic boot
> process, there's a reason for it...

Yes, because they consider their users too stupid to be told what is
actually happening. Lets face it, for years when something bad happened
on a Mac, a bomb icon would be displayed. Not very informative. 

I don't think we want to disgust experienced users either, such that
they're all using other distros that don't insult their intelligence. 

> A graphic bootup with the option to drop into verbose mode (eg splashy,
> usplash etc) is a perfect compromise for those who need the boot info,
> and those who'd like their OS to look like it was put together post
> 2000. 

A good compromise, yes. I will however point out that commercial Unixes
used in highly available situations post 2000 do not have such flashy
boot sequences. They prefer to keep their admins informed. 

Modern != dumbed-down and flashy

OSs have been dumbed-down and flashy for quite some time, pre 2000,
thank you. 

> Then again ubuntu offers another way which someone else on ubuntuforums
> pointed out - keep your monitor off until you hear the bongos! :)

Here here. 


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