detected memory amount....

Matthew Nicholson sjoeboo at
Wed Jun 22 14:53:39 UTC 2005

so just yesterday, i picked up another 1GB of memory for my system,
upping it to 1.5GB total now. the BIOS sees all 1.5GB's...memtest86 sees
all 1.5GB's, and even windows see all 1.5GB....however horay only sees
884.5MB of both system monitor, top, etc. now, A). why is it
seeing only this much (its a weird number to see anyways...) B). think a
reinstall would fix it? 

any ideas?

my next move it boot off some simple live cd, like the gentoo install
live cd and see how much it sees...i'm jsut at work right now so i can't
check it.

i have a few other issues anyways that i might just reinstall to remedy,
like rhythmbox acting up, the weather applet not loading any weather
( in the past it has worked fine for me in boston). 

thanks for the help

matt nicholson
sjoeboo at
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