Reporting Breezy problems?

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Wed Jun 22 09:58:18 UTC 2005

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You have to remember that breezy is an UNSTABLE version of Ubuntu

If you wish to use breezy and report bugs - try reporting them through
bugzilla ( where the developers will see
them. Posting them through the users list wont get the attention of the

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Martin Meredith

paul marwick wrote:
> I've just installed Breezy, using the daily build from 20th June, then
> updated over the network. I've hit quite a few problems (not exactly
> unexpected in an early beta...). Anyhow, I've not managed to find
> mention of any of the problems I've seen in Bugzilla and I'm just
> wondering if there is some other method of reporting bugs in Breezy?
> A quick summary of the problems I've got:
> Sound is _very_ distorted (wasn't in the Colony 1 CD install).
> XKB rules seem to be broken - I've had to tell the system to use the X
> rules (UK layout) several times
> I'm getting a warning just after hotplug starts:
> Warning: Interface is 'eth0' in line 2 can't be reliably mapped
> Evolution crashes and burns every time I try to add an email account to
> it. 
> Thunderbird seg faults every time I try to start it.
> Partitions manually added to fstab appear on the desktop when mounted,
> but if I unmount them using the desktop icon, I get complaints about
> being unable to eject the media (even so, the partition will unmount).
> In a couple of instances, partitions refuse to unmount and have to be
> unmounted from a terminal with -l.
> My camera doesn't mount at all, even though it is being seen by the
> system. Checking the logs gets me this:
> PROGRAM execution of '/etc/udev/scripts/ sda' failed
> If I configure hdparm.conf, I get intermittent DMA errors reported from
> hda (never seen that before with any distro...).
> The Gnome help icon produces Yelp, but no contents are listed.
> I don't want to report these as bugs if there is some mechanism other
> than Bugzilla being used for Breezy...
> Also, a more general question. I see that the LTmodem drivers are
> included in the most recent kernel restricted modules. Is there any
> guidence as to how to install these and create the necessary /dev
> nodes?
> paul.

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