laptop - any suggestions for a friend of mine?

Matthias Heiler heiler at
Wed Jun 22 08:25:58 UTC 2005

Pablo Wolter <pwolter at> writes:

> I use now my DELL Latitude D600 with Ubuntu, I use it 0ne year before
> with Debian Sid and not have any problem. Now with Ubuntu it was just to
> put a PCMCIA memory and it recognizes without problem, sound works great
> (in Ubuntu I'm still not 100% satisfied with sound) but in general it
> works perfect.

I use a Dell Latitude D610, which is the current version of D600. 

I cannot recommend it totally: Although ubuntu installed correctly and
recognized all the important hardware the default kernel does _not_
run stable on this machine (frequent lock-up where everything stops,
no logs or error messages are generated, and only a hard reset helps).
Upgrading to the latest kernel from breezy (2.6.12-1-686) made the
system usable, but it still locks up now and again.

Thus, although D610 is a very fine notebook it's not ideal for use
with the current ubuntu version.

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