Newbie gaim question

Owen Marshall omarshall at
Wed Jun 22 00:03:30 UTC 2005

Sorry, I was unable to check the responses from work today.

Michael Nowag wrote:

"seems like your dns is working fine, but you do get a connection timeout.
are you using a proxy? If so, you first have to input the right settings
in gaim."

I am not using a proxy but thank you for responding. :)

Steve Tripp asked:

"Do you log in with your full email addres or just the username portion?"

I have currently only set up my AIM account as opposed to my MSN, ICQ, or Y! 
accounts. My understanding is that with AIM, I only need to put in my 
username and password.

I am using DHCP for my connection. I do not have a problem connecting to 
gaim through Windows XP using the exact same IM account. Anyone have any 
other ideas?

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