laptop - any suggestions for a friend of mine?

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at
Tue Jun 21 22:02:06 UTC 2005

Hi list,

yesterday I spoke with a friend about laptops and linux and during that 
conversation, he asked me for a proposal what laptop he should buy.

He would like to use it for general operations like surfing, contact 
management and office work.

I, myself,  made good experiences with an Acer travelmate 220 but I have 
no idea how acer laptops are working today under linux.

He likes samsung laptops and wants to limit his purchase to roundabout 
1000 $/€.

Would Acer still be a good choice?

What about Samsung models?

Do you have any good experiences with other laptops under linux, 
especially the collabaration with ubuntu?

What's your advice?

Thanks a lot,


One thing is clear: Ubuntu will be installed...;-)

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