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Please excuse the top post. I am out of time,
but wanted to say this: RE: SWAP

I have a Libranet installation on the HD that has
swap appropriate to the 512 MB RAM. Knoppix
found and used the swap partition, and Knoppix is 
a good bit faster than the Ubuntu live cd. I'll try 

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> In order to speed things up a bit, once the LiveCD is loaded, 
> maybe open the terminal and try typing 'sudo hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc'
> (substituting "/dev/hdc" with the appropriate hardware device 
> for your cdrom drive) in order to enable DMA on the cdrom 
> drive. I believe that Ubuntu disables DMA by default on cdrom 
> drives, for maximum compatibility with older hardware, or something.

Another thing that will improve the experience is if you have a little
bit of hard drive space you can format as Linux Swap and "swapon" for
that device...  I keep a little 200meg partition formatted on my Windows
box just so I can do a swapon /dev/hda2 to make live CDs more usable.

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