System Restore

postmast3r postmast3r at
Tue Jun 21 13:26:26 UTC 2005

On 6/21/05, Shawn Christopher <schristopheraz at> wrote:
>  Ok, I am going to open this discussion back up again because I feel truly
> provoked to make a point as was made before.
>  I will throw in my lot on the "I think a System Restore" utility should be
> built into Ubuntu. The big selling point on WindowsXP is that "hey if I mess
> it up THEN, I can click this button and go back...and click it again.....and
> go back again. Till the problem is fixed". So I can take the risk. With
> Linux it is not so.

"System Restore" possibly sounds doable with LVM (Logical Volume
Management) snapshots as described here:

Imagine if a fresh install of Ubuntu Linux made a read/write snapshot
volume of "/" and then mounted that snapshot volume as "/" and then
somehow made regular snapshots after that.  It potentially would allow
a Linux system to have the recovery ability of a system running Norton
Goback, being able to recover their system to any point in time up to
a certain limit.

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