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Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at
Tue Jun 21 06:59:43 UTC 2005

Ok, I am going to open this discussion back up again because I feel 
truly provoked to make a point as was made before.

I will throw in my lot on the "I think a System Restore" utility 
*should* be built into Ubuntu. The big selling point on WindowsXP is 
that "hey if I mess it up THEN, I can click this button and go 
back...and click it again.....and go back again. Till the problem is 
fixed". So I can take the risk. With Linux it is not so.

Giving this kind of support to the users as far as's so easy to 
use your mom or dad, or grandma, or wife can do it (I migrated my wife 
from OSX to Ubuntu PPC) might make the software more desireable. I have 
alot of friends at work that are using Ubuntu and the biggest question I 
get back is ..."Well what happens if I screw it up" which my answer 
is "You look up the error or such and try to fix it". That doesn't have 
much appeal to new Linux users.

I have a few ideas as to how it SHOULD work however I don't do any 
coding so my SHOULD == 0. The more and more we take features from OSX 
and WinXP the faster I think the migration of users would become. Most 
the OEMs that currently exist are very proficient in telling their users 
to use system restore (I work in tech support I get the stories all day 
long). So I think that this is something that should be incorporated.

(side note: The disk I recieved in the mail I put on a shelf at work and 
pointed to with a sign that says Linux disk. They are all gone and I'm 
getting reports back from users. I can't wait till the other 20 or so 
show up!)

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