UTF-8 console differences in Ubuntu and Debian?

Shot - Piotr Szotkowski shot at hot.pl
Tue Jun 21 06:47:54 UTC 2005


Markus Kolb:

> are there any functional differences between Debian
> and Ubuntu console stuff related to UTF-8 support?
> Aptitude doesn't show the lines around the confirm windows and so on.
> What is responsible for half UTF-8 support in Sid?

I have similar problems on my sid machine since a couple of weeks.
Aptitude's text frames in the console are broken, if I run ekg or
bittorrent in a given terminal width I can't get it to display in
another terminal width properly, etc.

My wild guess is that's the new ncurses packages that entered sid
recently (and, obviously, didn't go into hoary). Unfortunately,
a lot of other packages depend on them already (like vim), and
I didn't have time to play with this mess yet.

It looks like ncurses 5.4-7 makes its
way into sid, maybe this will fix it.

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