BASH alias not working...

Byron Saltysiak byronsalty at
Tue Jun 21 00:06:05 UTC 2005

Hmm... my first inclination is to break this complex logic into a
shell script. I have a /bin directory in my /home directory which I
put personal scripts in. Just add that directory to your path.

You could put this whole thing into a script called something like and make sure that script is executable.

I'd also put all the commands you want to run on separate lines and
check the exit value of the important ones with $? instead of putting
them all on one line with &&.

Making a standalone script and putting the commands on different lines
will make it easier to debug. Also, if you have the script on your
path I know you can tab complete it, not sure about aliases.

On 6/20/05, Matthew S-H <mathbymath at> wrote:
> This is the code I added to my "~/.bashrc":
> ---START---
> alias "choose_to_edit"="cat /dev/null &&
>       cd ~/Documents/ &&
>       command ls | grep -n -v 'randomcraptonotmatch' | column &&
>       echo 'Choose which one to edit:' &&
>       read &&
>       if test $REPLY -eq 1 ;
>        then cat /dev/null &&
>          echo 'test';
>       fi"
> ---END---
> Before I continued any further with this script, I wanted to test to
> see if that worked.  However, it didn't...
> It gives we the following error:
> -bash: test: -eq: unary operator expected
> What am I doing wrong?
> Any help would be appreciated.
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