Marillat -> Hoary Extras?

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at
Mon Jun 20 09:44:27 UTC 2005

Oliver Grawert a écrit :

>Am Montag, den 20.06.2005, 09:26 +0200 schrieb Vincent Arnoux:
>>I am very new with Ubuntu: What servers to we need to configure to get 
>>access to Ubuntu extras ? Are all packages needed for playing media 
>>files present on this deposit ?
>nearly everything you need is in the multiverse repository (in synaptics
>repository list or in the sources.list of apt), except the two highly
>illegal packages we cant provide (win32codecs and the decss library for
>descrambling DVDs), see for
>more information.
>	oli

Thank you to you two, I have a nice reading time ahead ;)


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