Internet conferencing - GnomeMeeting?

toyfactory toyfactory at
Sat Jun 18 10:06:18 UTC 2005


I recently applied for a research project in the UK but I'm currently
living in Japan and unable to make a trip to the UK to attend an
interview.  I guess rather foolishly (having never done it before) I
suggested using some kind of Internet conferencing to conduct an
interview.  I assumed I'd hear nothing more but to my surprise I've been
offered an interview next week!

I'd like to use GnomeMeeting, which I've gotten working on my local
network.  I guess I would need to fiddle with NAT settings to get it
working across the Internet.  Are there any other issues I should be
aware of?  If there's anyone who could spare some time to help test my
setup I'd be very grateful.



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