Firewire External Harddisk

René L. Reingard reingard at
Sat Jun 18 10:03:21 UTC 2005

Am Fri, 17 Jun 2005 21:10:49 -0700 (PDT) schrieb gm c <gm_c2 at>:

> You have to have a kernel with 1394 installed or as a module and
> install the module. Plug it in and Dmesg will show a dev connected.
> Run cfdisk on dev (/dev/sda) to partition and mount. If you are using
> udev then a icon should appear on desktop.
> mike

>> --- "René L. Reingard" <reingard at> wrote:

>> It is high time for me to install an external harddrive for backup
>> security. The drive is only running by Firewire. The machine has an  
>> 1394 - 4
>> Pin - Firewire - Connection.
>> Unfortunately i do not know anything about how to deal with
>> Firewire and its standards.
>> I do run the external drive with own power supply. So far the drive
>> does not get detected automatically by Hoary.
>> What to check? What to do?

Sorry Mike,
i do not understand much.
does the nowadays Kernel for Ubuntu Hoary not provide 1394Firewire  
if plugging the drive in $dmesg shows me a huge bunch of lines all  
regarding eth0.

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