Does Kubuntu really need to be it's own distro?

Andy Choens gunksta at
Sat Jun 18 03:25:50 UTC 2005

On 6/17/05, hagen van rissenbeck <news4didascali at> wrote:
> Hi list
> I prefer KDE but have installed ubuntu,
> then I did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
> and I'm using DSL...
> The problem is that a lot of users do not have the opportunity, the 
> money or whatever to use DSL, they're still surfing with 56k-modems.
> My point of view is that an additional cd "the 
> ubuntu-kde-desktop-collection" would be great.
> Gnome itself is not enough.
> To avoid a fork or something like that, that would be an acceptable 
> solution, FMPOV.
> Hagen
> The first day I used ubuntu I missed my KDE and installed it;-
> )
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I switched over from SUSE.  I wanted to experiment with GNOME.  I like
it, but it's just got too many rough edges for me, so I installed the
Kubuntu desktop and then deleted OOo.   However, I did use GNOME for
about 3 months and found it perfectly usable.

When I first learned about the Kubuntu idea, I thought it was
great....and I am currently loving their  .debs.  But, I do think
having a separate user mailing list is not in the best interest of the
community.  Certainly a developer list, since it's development is
separate since it's only one of many projects under the Ubuntu banner.
 I do NOT think this or the proposed Xubuntu should stop...I just
think the emphasis should really be on keeping the message
simple...Ubuntu.  Separate CD's are fine, since people could download
the CD that interests them the most and install the rest via the web. 
But, they should all simple be Ubuntu.....I do however think the
colors , artwork, etc. can be differing.

And as far as having KDE questions on this list, I would like to point
out that there are GNOME questions on the main SUSE list......and
unless you count Novell Desktop....SUSE is definitely a KDE distro.

my .025 cents.

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