Sound problems Hoary

David Jacobs davidbe at
Fri Jun 17 15:02:25 UTC 2005


2005/6/17, Qel <ulist at>:
> anish Wrote:

> > I also have an SiS7012 sound card, and I can't get 5.1 surround sound
> > to work for my mp3s in ubuntu, or any other distro for that matter.

> i've got the same issue, and this is the same reason why im not leaving
> windows forever, please could someone help us? my mobo is a gigabyte
> GA-7VT600-L and via ac97, im get into the volume controls and set the
> switches "line-in as sorround" and "mic as center-LFE" but nothing
> happens

Is it possible that you've both on-board soundcard and a seperate soundcard?

I've the same issue in Ubuntu (used Fedora Core previously and it
worked). I remember that there's a bug filed for it. The problem is
that Ubuntu uses the on-board soundcard and it's not possible to
change it (for now). (In Fedora Core you could select which soundcard
to use, but enough about Fedora Core.) Search in the Ubuntuforums for
more information!

Just some info...


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