Sharing CUPS printer on home LAN

mcking ulist at
Thu Jun 16 18:04:27 UTC 2005

By default,  /etc/cups/cupsd.conf has the option 

    BrowseAddress @LOCAL

meaning that all local interfaces (i.e. ethernet, not PPP) should get
browsed if the option is turned on in /etc/cups/cupsd-browsing.conf

Turning that option on (which is the same as using the "Detect LAN
Printers" option in the System->Admin->Printing tool) didn't seem to do
anything for me at first.  I had to turn on the 

    BrowseAllow @LOCAL

setting in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

Unfortunately, this only shows the printer in the command-line using
"lpq".  I still can't see it in the Printers utility, either by default
or by trying to add a new printer.

If I use the option

    ServerName my.print.server

in /etc/cups/client.conf I can see the printers instantly, but if I add
another printer later to another machine, it will not get added to the
network immediately, as this only automatically shows the printers
attached to the print server, not any others on the network.  I really
want to figure this out, since I know that cups can support this.  I
could add the printers one-by one, but the whole point of using cups
(for me) is for the automatic discovery of printers on the network!


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