Hoary: Copy/Paste Not Working in Evolution

Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at pdx.edu
Thu Jun 16 01:24:53 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 16:25 -0400, Al Gordon wrote:
> ... or, maybe, only half working.  I can't copy anything in Evolution.
> I can paste things into new messages that I copied from other apps.  I
> can select text in Evolution, right-click it and choose "Copy", but
> apparently nothing happens.
> Evolution is the only app so far in which I see this problem.  Ideas?

I'm annoyed that they no longer support (and never did very well) Emacs
style keybindings in Gnome or Firefox.  The CUA bindings are "just as
good", but I would rather press C-a than Home, C-e than (fumble, have to
look at keyboard... End), and it's annoying when C-a does "highlight all

It used to be that you could highlight a URL in anything at all, and use
the X windows 'Middle-click to paste' feature to paste that URL into
Mozilla (did Firefox ever get this right?), and the browser would visit
that URL.  Now I have to triple click the location input field, press
backspace to clear it, THEN go highlight the URL and come back to paste
it.  I should be able to simply swipe it, press my Sawfish binding that
flicks back to the browser window,  and middle click the URL into the
browser window.  It won't even let me jump to the start of the field
with C-a, then kill the line with the traditional C-k combination.

Is there, I wonder, any chance that the keybindings for such things are
table driven, and centralized in some sane way so that we can set them
the way we like?

I don't WANT to have to push C-c to get a "copy" of the selected text.
It's already selected, dammit.   And C-c is the key that sends SIGINT to
the terminal foreground process, or, in Emacs, is the user-extension
keymap prefix key.  At least on a qwerty keyboard, it is very
conveniently located.  I don't have to reach across the keyboard in the
dark and hit the right Fn key...

They still don't put the Ctrl key in the right place either...  It
belongs to the left of the 'a', just below the 'Tab'.  CAPS LOCK IS NOT

... so, CtrlL is now what?  Hmmm... Hexagram!  Cool.

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at pdx.edu>

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