How do I get my printer to show up via samba?

Neil Woolford neil at
Wed Jun 15 23:11:31 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've just been setting up samba networking on my Ubuntu machine so that
I can network to my Windows 98SE laptop.  After some fun with setting
samba passwords and tweaking the firewall on the laptop I can now 'see'
each machine from the other and share files across the network in both

What I can't do yet is to share the printer attached to the Ubuntu
machine with the Windows one.  I've got as far as using the printer
setup gui to set for detection of network printers, and now my printer
properties say that it is a network printer on usb:/dev/usb/lp0.  It
works fine from the Ubuntu machine (still).

However, when I go to the Windows machine and try to install a new
(networked) printer by browsing for the printer, it isn't shown.  (This
procedure does work when I do it with my Windows 2000 machine and
printer at work.)

What have I missed?  How do I make the printer browseable?  Do I have to
delve manually in samba.conf?  Is there more CUPS configuration to do?
Have I missed some helpful gui?


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