"My first 48 hours enduring Ubuntu"

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
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On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 05:52:38PM +0700, Chanchao wrote:
>This is a couple of months old so I'm sure many of you will have read
>it or know about it, but as Ubuntu is obviously getting so many new
>users all the time (including myself) you may not have seen this
>It's quite brilliant..  It's a list of flaws, but nearly ALL of them
>are in the category that any programmer would label 'trivial', doesn't
>even qualify as a bug or flaw.
>Yet all of them together do show a pattern.. It's quite an enjoyable
>read, seeing how he gets completely anal about every dot and comma.
>I don't agree with (or care about) many of the issues raised, but he
>definitely has a point, and you can tell he knows a thing or two about
>GUI design.. :) Article has a brilliant ending to it too.

I've read it, and I agree with some things, I disagree with other
things. People have already contributed some good points on the topic in
this thread. Rather than comment on what other people have been posting
in this thread I offer one link:


It's an interesting read. It's an old paper, but much of it I can
recognise. If I stop and think about how I use my computer and compare
it to how my 60-year-old father uses a computer I can see where the
author is comming from. I can't even imagine how my (yet-unborn) kids
will be interfacing with the computers of the future, but somehow I
don't believe the current limitation to point-click will do. Here is a
summary (for KDE it seems)



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