Hoary: Copy/Paste Not Working in Evolution

Joel Goguen jtgoguen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 20:42:59 UTC 2005

Try pressing Ctrl-C when you've highlighted the text.  Or, if you've
highlighted text, middle-click (or if you've got no middle button, you
should be able to emulate that by clicking left and right buttons at the
same time) and whatever you highlighted will be inserted at the mouse
cursor position.

On Wed, 2005-15-06 at 16:25 -0400, Al Gordon wrote:
> ... or, maybe, only half working.  I can't copy anything in Evolution.
> I can paste things into new messages that I copied from other apps.  I
> can select text in Evolution, right-click it and choose "Copy", but
> apparently nothing happens.
> Evolution is the only app so far in which I see this problem.  Ideas?

Joel Goguen
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University of New Brunswick

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