Need advice on compatible PCMCIA WiFi card

Matt Patterson matt at
Wed Jun 15 14:08:35 UTC 2005

I have a Network Anywhere (wpc11 I believe). It's based on the acx100 
chipset, didnt work in warty but works like a champ in hoary. I also 
have a netgear 54g card, based on the prism54g chipset, it is supposed 
to work and the system finds it, but it always gives an interrupt error 
when I try to activate the card. It's in a really old laptop, so that 
might be the issue.


Ed Fletcher wrote:

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>Gábor Iglói wrote:
>>I'm searching for a WiFi card for my Acer notebook. I'd like to ask if
>>somebody has experience with these kind of hardwares which work good
>>under Linux preferably Ubuntu.
>>In a local store there is an MSI 54g Wireless CardBus CB54G2. After
>>googling I found that someone is using this card with Debian (but he
>>had some problems when hot removing the card).
>>So what kind of PCMCIA WiFi card do you use with Ubuntu?
>I have a SMC2835W that works great in both Warty and Hoary.  Haven't
>tried hot removing the card but I'm thinking that it should not harm
>anything as long as the connection is stopped first.
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