freezing problems

Charles Malespin charles.malespin at
Wed Jun 15 04:47:28 UTC 2005

Thanks Matt, just a quick question....

>  Either way, disable both 
> of them by passing them as kernel options during boot. The easiest way 
> to do that is to press ESC at the GRUB screen when it prompts for you to 
> do so (I think it is ESC). Then edit the default kernel boot line adding 
> noapic and nolapic to the end. 

Just to make sure that I understand and not mess anything more up...
When I went to the edit menu of GRUB, it gave me a list of things, one
of them was kernel.  It also gave me the options to either edit, or add
a new option(something like that...) but I want to pick 'edit' and use
that on the kernel line to add the noapic and nolapic lines right?
Sorry, I just dont wanna delete or edit anything I dont need to cause I
dont know what any of it means.  

> These changes are not permanent, only for 
> the current boot. To change them permanently you have to add them to the 
> /boot/grub/menu.lst file options.
> Another option to add the the kernel options is acpi=off or noacpi (i 
> cant remember which, so just do both). This turns off  the acpi features 
> of the kernel. Acpi is used to enumerate the interrupts on the system, 
> but some bioses just suck and dont work, so turn off the features for 
> now. This might cause some things to disappear and stop working on 
> laptops, but its a good test. It will also prevent power saving features 
> from working.

I am running a desktop, does that make a difference?

> Turn off all the graphics acceleration features in your 
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. That means commenting out the dri, and glx 
> lines. 

What will turning off the graphics acceleration features do in terms of
how the video card performs ie what will I not be able to do as a result
of turning this off?

Thanks again and sorry for all the "easy" questions.... This is all new
to me so hopefully you guys will bear with me!

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