Can't stop Screen blanking

James Carroll mrmaple at
Wed Jun 15 00:31:07 UTC 2005

Hi,  I've had a lot of luck on the list (and with Ubuntu) and thought
I'd try a challenging question.

I like to play Dance Dance Revolution (pydance) on battery power on my
IBM Thinkpad T40 every once in a while, but the problem is that the
joystick events are not recognized as user activity, and the screen
blanks after (strenuous) activity and I always loose the game.

I've tried   xset -s off  which works while I'm plugged in.  The
screen doesn't blank anymore.

I've changed my screensaver and powersaving screen blanking options in
System ... Preferences ... Screensaver completely off.

But it seems like something is still blanking the screen.  It also
seems to happen more frequently when the battery has less of a charge
(probably all in my head.)

I am using acpid, powernowd and powertweakd to regulate things like
the CPU clocks when I'm on battery power and the CPU is idle...

How can I stop screen blanking when I'm using the joystick?


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