freezing problems

Martin Holt Juliussen mjuliuss at
Tue Jun 14 22:24:43 UTC 2005

tir, 14,.06.2005 kl. 17.16 -0500, skrev Charles Malespin:

> > Generally hard freezes are hardware issues related to interrupt 
> > problems. So I would look into disabling devices like network and sound 
> > and see if the problem continues. Also, of course try the acpi=off, 
> > noapic, nolapic options for the kernel.
> Hi Matt, I am having this problem as well, I am using the ATI X300 video
> card fyi.  I am still very much a noob in linux and ubuntu so could you
> please describe what turning acpi=off and noapic will do, and perhaps
> how to do it?  The freezes happen sometimes after 30 min of a fresh
> boot, maybe 20 hours.  No pattern or real cause and I have NO idea where
> to troubleshoot or look for solutions.  Thanks!
> Charles

I think it should be said that some laptops freezes because of the
laptop_mode. But again, that does not explain all cases.


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