"My first 48 hours enduring Ubuntu"

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Tue Jun 14 10:52:38 UTC 2005

This is a couple of months old so I'm sure many of you will have read
it or know about it, but as Ubuntu is obviously getting so many new
users all the time (including myself) you may not have seen this

It's quite brilliant..  It's a list of flaws, but nearly ALL of them
are in the category that any programmer would label 'trivial', doesn't
even qualify as a bug or flaw.

Yet all of them together do show a pattern.. It's quite an enjoyable
read, seeing how he gets completely anal about every dot and comma.

I don't agree with (or care about) many of the issues raised, but he
definitely has a point, and you can tell he knows a thing or two about
GUI design.. :) Article has a brilliant ending to it too.



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