ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at
Tue Jun 14 03:33:26 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 09:02 -0600, Curt Tresenriter wrote:
> Ok... this shows:
> scsidev: 'ATA'
> devname: 'ATA'
> scsibus: -2 target: -2 lun: -2
> Warning: Using badly designed ATAPI via /dev/hd* interface.
> Linux sg driver version: 3.5.27
> Using libscg version 'ubuntu-0.8ubuntu1'.
> cdrecord: Warning: using unofficial version of libscg (ubuntu-0.8ubuntu1 
> '@(#)scsitransp.c      1.90 04/01/14 Copyright 1988,1995,2000-2004 J. 
> Schilling').
> scsibus0:
>          0,0,0     0) 'PLEXTOR ' 'DVDR   PX-716A  ' '1.06' Removable CD-ROM
> So is it 2,2,2 or 0,0,0?
> Is the warning anything to be concerned about?
> Do I need to replace libscg with a different version?
> Thanks again.
> CT
I replied to you because you asked “Why ‘cdrecord -scanbus’ wont work?”
and that's it.  However, if all you want is to use your newly installed
DVD Writer (you're lucky by the way, and happy using it) all you need,
really, is to pass the “dev=/dev/hda” option to “cdrecord” and it'll
work (hopefully).  You don't need to miss with the “0,0,0” unless it's a
SCSI device (or using the emulating SCSI layer for IDE devices).

So, to sum up, just pass the option “dev=/dev/hda” to “cdrecord” and
you're set.  If you find it troublesome to do so every time, edit the
file “/etc/default/cdrecord” to include your device and to make it the
default one.

If you need anything else, just ask.

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