GRUB hangs with Windows 2000

Carl Karsten carl at
Mon Jun 13 23:57:31 UTC 2005

Soo-Hyun Choi wrote:
>>>I did this to boot Win2k, but still hangs. :-(
>>I would say something on the windows partition is broken.  I think you are going
>>to need to use a Win2k CD to repair it, which will replace grub with the MS boot
>>loader.  Once you get windows working, you can put grub back and then everything
>>should work.
> If I repair Win2k with the original CD, then it would overwrite MBR
> with its own. How do I recover GRUB after recovering Win2k in this
> way?

2 ways I can think of:

1. while you still have linux, make a grub boot floppy.  After the Win repiar, use 
the floppy to boot your linux system, and then reinstall grub to the hard drive.

2. Live CD - Ubutnu, Knoppix, Gentoo setup or maybe even tom's Root Boot floppy. 
something that gets you to a prompt that will allow you to install grub.

Exactly how to install grub is explained here:

Pretty much what you need to know:

Code Listing 8: Installing GRUB in the MBR
grub> root (hd0,0)          (Specify where your /boot partition resides)
grub> setup (hd0)           (Install GRUB in the MBR)
grub> quit                  (Exit the GRUB shell)

I am guessing (hd0,0) needs to be what was d:, either (hd0,1)if it was the same 
drive, 2nd partition or (hd1,0) if it was a 2nd drive.

Carl K

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