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Mike Procario procario at
Mon Jun 13 15:33:48 UTC 2005

I blew away the windows partitions on my dual boot desktop with Fedora Core 
3. I decided to add Ubuntu for a tryout. I installed Hoary and used the 
installer to make the partition for Linux and to make a ext3 filesystem 
there. The installer created a second swap partition instead of just using 
the one I already had, but that is not a big issue. The installer rewrote my 
partition table after the changes. I got a bad install which appeared to be 
due to the media. I burned a new disk and eventually the install worked. 

After the bad install of Hoary I tried to boot into Fedora. I could not. I 
had not gotten to the point of installing grub in the Ubuntu install so I 
was surprised, when after showing the usual grub menu with Fedora choices I 
ended up in a crippled version of Hoary. I used a system recovery CD to 
reinstall grub from my Fedora partition, but I still had problem. It turns 
out that Fedora specifies partition labels in the fstab and the partition 
rewrite that I did apparently wiped them out. When I switched to device 
names everything worked fine. 

Can I use partition labels in Ubuntu's fstab? That is does the version of 
mount in Hoary support partition labels? 

I got a good Hoary install with a new CD after I fixed the Fedora Core 3 
problems. I can now boot to either. 


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