FreeNX errors

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Mon Jun 13 14:49:38 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 16:28 +0200, Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> I have installed freenx on 2 ubuntu machines. On the server I have
> enabled user dennis to use freenx with nxserver --useradd and nxserver
> --passwd.
> On the client I have installed the correct ssh key.
> When I connect the client to the freenx server the connecting goes will
> up to the point where I think I should get a GUI. I see a new window
> popping up briefly and immediately closing. The freenx client als o
> exits at that point.
> What could be causing this..?

Dennis, I read that something was wrong with the client for Ubuntu.

I didn't have that problem maybe because I made a mistake.

I installed FreeNX from backports after I tried to install it from ./

I got the client to install but it didn't work. The server didn't
install at all because of dependency issues.

I then came back and go the debs from

That works and also fixed my client.

So, that's my work around. Not pretty, but my work around.

Here's an article about FreeNX that might give you some links.

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