Installation problem

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Mon Jun 13 14:33:05 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 15:09 +0100, John French wrote:
> I have been enjoying learning about ubuntu, and familiarizing myself
> with it on my old PC. Now we have re-allocated the hardware in the
> family, and I have shiny new system. So I set about installing Hoary.
> All went apparently well, all the usual packages were installed (as far
> as I could tell), until the point at which I expected ubuntu to start.
> At that point my monitor showed a message, "Input signal out of range",
> and nothing further happened. This gave me no opportunity to correct
> anything.
> I have succeeded in using the recovery mode, once I unplugged all the
> USB devices, but have been unable to work out how to configure the
> monitor from the command line. Anything relating to Gnome produces a 
> message, "unable to open display". The monitor is a standard IBM 15" LCD.
> Any helpful advice, please ?
> John French


"Input signal out of range" errors are common with LCD monitors and can
be the result of several issues, but almost certainly it will boil down
to vertical and horizontal sync values.

At what point did the problem start?

If you got through installation, we can probably fix it right away.

What are the horizontal and vertical sync values for your monitor?

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