audio sounds "stressed" in ubuntu

Matt Patterson matt at
Mon Jun 13 05:15:10 UTC 2005

Does it occur more/less when the system is under load or you are moving 
windows around on the screen or playing videos?

I ask because I had the same effect on my system from both a SB Live 5.1 
and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz but only during load. Turned out it was an 
IRQ conflict with my PCI secondary video card and was also causing 
random system freezes. Out went the video card and away went the freezes 
and the sound problems.

On a different note, make sure you turn off all the recording input 
sources in addition to the changing of all volumes to 75% like recommded 
by the previous email.


Dave Walker wrote:

> Edwin wrote:
>> audio for my machine is working "out of the box" after installing
>> ubuntu, however, the sound sounds as if it is stressing. i hear
>> crackling and slight muffled distortion, as if my sounds is turned way
>> up and my speakers are too weak to handle the load.
>> i've tried lowering the volume on the OS and increasing it on the actual
>> speakers, and vice versa, but no luck.
>> thanks.
> I would look to make sure the PCM volume control is about 75% or so, 
> then have your audio program of choice control the master volume 
> instead of PCM (xmms defaults to PCM).  See if that helps.
> -- 
> Dave Walker

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