Massive breakage after latest apt-get upgrade?

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Mon Jun 13 02:21:59 UTC 2005

On 6/11/05, Stephen R Laniel <steve at> wrote:
> I apt-get upgraded earlier this afternoon, then left. Now I
> come back, and
> 1) When I try to run firefox, I get a segfault immediately.
> 2) I'm getting 'bash: fork: Resource temporarily
> unavailable' errors all over the place -- even when doing
> innocuous things like 'ls'. The inability to run ls is a bit
> of a crimp in my style.
> 3) I can run konqueror, but when I try to visit a web page
> within it I get
> 'An error occurred while loading
> Could not start process Cannot talk to klauncher.'
> Looks like something serious broke. Maybe libc somewhere?
> Any suggestions?

Hmm. I'd be surprised if my problem is related but I managed to break
my Xorg completely after doing an upgrade from Hoary to Breezy. When I
try to do anything with apt-get dpkg now errors out on console-base
and config-???? (maybe). I've tried installing and uninstalling. Said

I also get numerous language related errors (reported by PERL) when
running apt-get. I'm not sure if it's worth trouble-shooting this
problem (though, it would be satisfying to resurrect this install...
it boots well enough to allow a CLUI login :)... at least I've managed
to back-up my home directory using smbclient...

FYI for anyone who needs to login to an smb server use smbclient as
follows (took me a few times to figure it out):
smbclient \\\\\\myshare -U mylogin
(usually myshare will be the same as mylogin, replace the IP with your own IP)


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